Science ↔ Society: Equilibrating Our Understanding of Ocean Acidification

Wednesday, September 20th, 12pm ET

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Science ↔ Society: Equilibrating Our Understanding of Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification is a hot topic in the science community which is focusing more and more research into understanding this complex chemical phenonmenon and its impacts on our marine resources. Even though our scientific understanding of ocean acidification is in its early stages, the need to engage the non-science community on this topic is greater than ever to ensure that we can manage and adapt to its consequence on our communities in a proactive way. It is essential that our understanding of ocean acidification develops concurrently and that we recognise the mutual need to investigate, understand and manage this phenomenon that is occurring on a global scale. This webinar focused on a personal experience with mobilising citizen and professional science in South Africa by means of a continentally co-ordinated event on World Ocean Day 2017. It highlighted the methods of engagement with both the science and non-science community as well as present the various challenges and lessons learnt from this experience.

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