What can we do about ocean acidification? Telling the story of local actions in the face of global change


Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A leading focus of ocean acidification outreach has involved issue identification - educating the public and decision makers on the scale of the problem facing the ocean. The message of what can be done has been less well told. In this webinar, the speakers will share their motivation for and experiences with developing an educational video on local actions and solutions to address ocean acidification. Using a series of stories of citizen science-based monitoring, industry innovations, and the search for local mitigation solutions, they will share the experiences of Oregonian’s rolling up their sleeves to act locally against a global challenge. Surprises and lessons learned will also be related, particularly in the context of a fast moving west coast ocean acidification and hypoxia policy landscape.



Chanheadshot_thumb636867126033934384      Francis Chan, Associate Professor, Senior Research, Oregon State University


Howler_profile_thumb     Charlie Plybon, Oregon Policy Lead, Surfrider Foundation

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