Paul Williams has been a shellfish biologist at the Suquamish Tribe since 1992. He assisted in tribal efforts to regain shellfish harvest rights and has been primarily engaged in helping Suquamish co-manage six shellfish species with the State of Washington and other Puget Sound Tribes. Paul has participated in many projects oriented toward the goal of providing harvest opportunities while protecting the marine resources for future generations. Most recently, he has worked on projects to address ocean acidification (OA) including: collaborative research with NOAA to study potential effects on Dungeness crab larvae; near-shore carbon chemistry monitoring; application of machine vision technology to automate zooplankton identification; and building an OA curriculum database to make it easier for K-12 teachers to find appropriate materials on OA for their classrooms. Paul is also active in several organizations addressing ocean acidification and other challenges to the health of Puget Sound marine ecosystems.
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