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Why Acidification SCIENCE Matters?

Ocean, coastal, and Great Lakes acidification represents the changes in water chemistry resulting in ecological impacts with cascading social and economic effects. With a $1 billion U.S. shellfish industry and hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk, understanding acidification in the oceans and Great Lakes is important to protecting our economies and well being. This plan focuses on acidification research to understand the ecosystem-related impacts to commercial activities, subsistence and recreational fishing, tourism, and social and cultural identities.

The NOAA Ocean, Coastal, and Great Lakes Research Plan...

is an agency-wide strategy, written by nearly 70 federal researchers and academic partners, to guide acidification science for the coming decade. The plan is comprised of chapters, each focusing on a different U.S. region, as well as a national chapter, which draws upon all of the regional and open ocean needs to identify research priorities for the entire U.S.

Mapping the next decade of Research



Observing and Predicting Acidification and Environmental Change        

Expanding and advancing acidification observing systems and technologies

Enhancing foundational understanding and the ability to predict acidification

Supporting data management policies and synthesis efforts to ensure data are transitioned to useful products



Understanding Biological Sensitivity and Ecosystem Response

Understanding and predicting species, community, and ecosystem response

Determining the adaptive capacity of ecologically and economically important species

Evaluating acidification impacts in combination with other environmental stressors




Supporting Management, Adaptation, and Resilience

Integrating scientific knowledge into social, cultural, and economic frameworks

Creating products and tools to directly address adaptation and management needs

Assessing the vulnerability of communities to acidification in combination with other environmental changes


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