OCean acidification Information Exchange

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The Ocean Acidification Information Exchange is a new online community catalyzing response to ocean and coastal acidification through collaboration and information sharing. If you are working on  or interested in ocean and/or coastal acidification, come join the conversation! Members of the OA Information Exchange are using the site’s platform to swap ideas, exchange resources, and interact with people in a variety of disciplines across many regions. Together, we are  building a well-informed community working to respond and adapt to ocean and coastal acidification.

 We welcome members of government, tribal and academic research scientists, citizen scientists, experiential and formal educators, NGO employees, marine resources managers, policy makers, concerned citizens, aquaculturists, people in the fishing industry, technology developers, data managers, and others.

 Learn more about the OA Information Exchange at www.OAInfoExchange.org or request an account!


Participating Agencies

US Department of State      Nasa


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Boemre      USGS


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